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MEUS Fall 2016

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MEUS Fall 2016


Hall of Fame Award Winners

  • ME 390 Best Poster Awardees:
    • Poster Session 1
      Awardee: Xingjian Liu
      Title: Redesign of Compliant Joint for Improved Precision and Speed in Nanopositioning Stages
    • Poster Session 2
      Awardee: Parker Haffey
      Title: Pneumatically Controlled Digital Microfluidics
  • ME 490 Best Session Awardees:
    • Session 1: Transportation Systems
      Awardee: Lucy Zhuang
      Title: “Explore Knitting of Smart Materials to Create Changeable and Interactive Product Surfaces”
    • Session 2: Mechanical System Design & Manufacturing
      Awardee: Brandon Hazelton
      Title: ElectriFit
    • Session 3: Robotic Systems
      Awardee: William Yang
      Title: Effect of an Articulated Spinal Joint on the Gait Dynamics of Quadrupeds
    • Session 4: Biological and Fluidic Systems
      Awardee: Joshua LeVay
      Title: Microfluidic Mechanical Cell Lysis
    • Session 5: Manufacturing Processes and Systems
      Awardee: Andre Brooks
      Title: Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition Station

MEUS Winter 2016

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MEUS Winter 2016


Hall of Fame Award Winners

  • ME 490 Best Session Awards:
    • Session 1: Lindsay Purvis, “Structure and Corrosion Behavior of a Magnesium Alloy for Bio-Implants”
    • Session 2: Clark Teeple, “3D Printing for Prototypes of Thin-Film PZT/Polymer Microrobots”
    • Session 3: Kevin Eckstein, “Multi-Stable Cellular Origami Structures”
    • Session 4: Yifan Ding, “Device Motion Design for Consumer Experience in Automotive Applications”
    • Session 5: Jason Krystek, “Microstructure-Deformation Relationships in AM Ti Alloys”
    • Session 6: Jason Ye, “Handling Characteristics Correlation of a Formula SAE Vehicle Model”
    • Session 7: David Peyer, “Cell Phone Based Miniaturized Coagulation Monitoring Platform for Point-of-Care Diagnosis”
    • Session 8: Hubbard Velie, “Chassis Rigidity Analysis for a Formula SAE Racecar”
    • Session 9: Yuxin Chen, “A Continuous Model for a Serial Line in Manufacturing System”
  • ME 390 Best Poster Award: Brian Kalinowski, “Device Motion Design for Consumers in Automotive Applications”

MEUS Fall 2015

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MEUS Fall 2015


Hall of Fame Award Winners

MEUS Winter 2015

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MEUS Winter 2015


Hall of Fame Award Winners

  • ME 290 Best Poster Award: Sriram Sivakumar, “Ford- Fluid Mechanics”
  • ME 390 Best Poster Award: Gabrielle Zacks, “Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Dielectric Elastomer Artificial Muscle Actuators”
  • ME 490 Best Presentation Award: Bianca Pillarella