We train leaders who change the world.

Michigan mechanical engineers don’t just react to society’s needs. They innovate; they lead. They set the agenda and guide the conversation. We prepare students to make an impact in the world, through a robust curriculum, meaningful research opportunities and rich design experiences.

We solve problems others can’t…

Our fully-funded research centers put us out in front of leading-edge technologies - including autonomous vehicles, emerging manufacturing, energy efficiency and bio- and nano-technologies- and give our faculty and students the tools to shape science and impact society.

...in ways others won’t.

At Michigan, you’re in excellent company. With a well-supported culture of collaboration and 100 graduate programs that rank in the Top 10, the University gives you access to world-class experts in almost any discipline you can imagine. We are interdisciplinary to our core.

Mechanical engineering’s past and future

Broad and versatile, Michigan mechanical engineering dates back some 150 years, and we have been at the heart of the field since its earliest days. The tradition of robust, rigorous engineering that put the world on wheels now drives emerging technologies like biomechanics, micro- and nanotechnology and mechatronics. We’re at the forefront of what’s next.